Three Songs From Amazing Howe Brothers, 2019

Author Paul Erickson sings with long-time collaborator and friend, guitarist Steve Ginensky. In the late 1980s, these two performed in comedy clubs, folk music venues, and renaissance faires as The Amazing Howe Brothers. Video (shot despite difficult circumstances) courtesy of Mary Beth Erickson. 

I'm Geeking With Mandy Madrox Reviews THE WOBBIT

Mandy was extremely kind to me in 2013, before THE WOBBIT had cover art. She did an excellent review of my first book on her show. She is also a wonderful author: check her out at

Johngy's Beat Interview At Wizard World

Wizard World Chicago 2013 was my first big convention, and Johngy's Beat contributor Matt Parker took the time  to interview me. is (just as they claim) truly "Your 316th best source for pop culture nuggets." 

Johngy Interviews Me And James Finn Garner

When I discovered that Jim Garner (the guy that helped me get published!) liked comic cons, we split a table in the 2014 Wizard World Chicago Artist Alley. He's been great to work with, and is a NYT bestselling author. Learn about Jim (and his new genre, Clown Noir) at

Arguing About Apples With Johngy at C2E2 2015

Hear my 2015 pitch for JAR JAR WARS, EPISODE IV: A NEW DOPE. John "Johngy" Wroblewski does a fun interview.

Nerd Parodist Club Secret Meeting, 2018

Nerd Parodist Club Secret Meetings are held at Wizard World Chicago, and new members are welcome.  This three-video, 45 minute coverage of our 2018 meeting includes the classic "Lord Of The Rings VS Star Wars: Which Is Better?" discussion, which was called the "QUINTESSENTIAL comic con panel" by the Chicago Tribune. Special thanks to veteran cosplayer Duanne Walton, for shooting this video and posting it to 4thtroika, his fun and eclectic YouTube channel.

An Interview With HeroTV

Here's Johngy with PL Myers, doing a 30-minute Paul Erickson Nerd Parodist interview for their Comcast show HeroTV.  One of my rare non-costumed appearances. Visit the My HeroTV channel on YouTube for interviews of Kevin Matthews, Svengoolie and more!