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My original Nerd Parody books

Previously, Erickson has parodied fantasy classics, such as his Tolkien parodies The Wobbit A Parody and The Superfriends Of The Rings. He has more recently parodied film novelizations, such as Jar Jar Wars, Episode IV: A New Dope.

My new book!

The Lost Star Wars Diary: A Parody (Imagined Production Notes) is the quintessential Star Wars production notes parody! The amazing backstory is below.

The "Lost Star Wars Diary" Discovered

Paul Erickson, parody author and founder of the Paul Erickson Nerd Parodist Club, claims to have discovered a never-before-seen diary of production notes from the 1977 film Star Wars.

Erickson has carefully edited the diary, which will be available in August at the Wizard World Comic Con Chicago as The Lost Star Wars Diary: A Parody (Imagined Production Notes)

“In 1971,” Erickson said in a recent interview, “George Lucas premiered his first science fiction film, THX 1138. The film was brilliant but unappreciated, so in 1977 he went in a slightly different direction with his second science fiction film, Star Wars. It was regarded as successful, despite the concerns of many fans about bad science, plot holes, weird dialogue, and onscreen errors. Lucas responded to these concerns by planning the publication of a diary of his production notes that would explain these perceived 'errors.'"

Unfortunately, the diary was to be released as merchandising for the 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special. The Holiday Special did not create a suitable secondary market for the book, so it was never published and the diary itself vanished. According to Erickson, “Decades later, with almost all evidence of the Holiday Special eliminated, I was lucky enough to discover those production notes! Readers will now understand the reasons why every apparent mistake of Star Wars was actually a brilliant choice. I am delighted to present it all to you in my new book The Lost Star Wars Diary: A Parody (Imagined Production Notes).”

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Author Biography

Paul Erickson is the world’s foremost Nerd Parodist. He was born in 1959, and has lived his entire life in Oak Park, Illinois. While out of work in 2009, he kept busy by writing a parody of his favorite book: The Hobbit.   

Erickson titled his book The Wobbit A Parody and sold it on Amazon starting in 2011. The Wobbit A Parody was discovered, translated and published as a German paperback in 2012 by Munich publisher Piper Verlag. They published Erickson's second parody, The Superfriends Of The Ring in 2013. At the end of 2014, Erickson's German publishers requested that he write a George Lucas parody which he titled Jar Jar Wars.    

Erickson’s newest work is a parody Star Wars production notes book titled The Lost Star Wars Diary. It presents the amazing story of how Ron Howard almost was cast as Luke Skywalker, and why vests are such an important part of the Star Wars Universe.   

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